Clinical Examination (Long Case)
Examination Fee: $6,000

Clinical Exam (Long Case)13 April 2021 (Tuesday)
Closing Date12 March 2021 (Friday)

Written, Oral and Clinical Examinations (Short Cases)
Examination Fee: $10,000

Written28 May 2021 (Friday)
Oral Exam and Clinical Exam (Short Cases)19 June 2021 (Saturday)
Closing Date28 April 2021 (Wednesday)

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Past Examination Papers

Final Fellowship Examination in Pain Medicine

2021Paper 1
Paper 2
2019Paper 1Paper 2
2018Paper 1Paper 2
2017Paper 1Paper 2
2016Paper 1Paper 2
2015Paper 1Paper 2

Diploma in Pain Management

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Application for Exit Assessment

Successful Candidates

Admission of Fellows in Pain Medicine by Exit Assessment
YearExit Assessment Date
Doctor NameHospital
201924 January 2019Wong, Fung PingQMH
25 July 2019Cheng, Wai Hui Christina QEH
Lai, Wing Yee Winnie PMH
23 October 2019Chung, Pui Wah Febbie UCH
201825 April 2018Li, Cheuk Yin PWH
26 July 2018Sasaki, SumireTMH/POH
Sham, Penelope Pui YeeTMH/POH
201726 October 2017Wong, Sau Ching Stanley QMH-HKU
20164 July 2016Or, Yin Ling NDH
4 October 2016Tsui, Pui Yee PYNEH
20152 July 2015Ng, Kwun Tung TMH/POH
17 November 2015Chung, Yu Fai QMH
Ng, Lai Ming QMH
Admission of First Fellows in Pain Medicine by Special Assessment
Special Assessment Date Name Hospital
12 September 2012 Brake, Timothy James UCH
Chan, Chi Wing QMH
Chan, Miu Han Anne PMH
Chen, Phoon Ping AHMLNH/NDH
Cheung, Chi Wai QMH-HKU
Chu, Ming Chi PWH
Hui, Kit Man Grace QEH
Hussain, Assad Private Practice
Lee, Yuk Ming Sunny Private Practice
Lim, Huey Sing UCH
Man, Kwan Yin Private Practice
Tong, Ka Fai Henry KWH
Tsui, Siu Lun QMH
15 September 2012 Chan, Kin Cheong Simon PWH
Chan, Pui Lan Rowena TMH
Chan, Wing Sang TMH
Cheung, Ning Michelle PWH
Choi, Wing Yee Regina UCH
Chung, Kin Nam Edmond QEH
Kwan, Siu King Anne Private Practice
Law, Man Shun UCH
Li, Ching Fan Carina Private Practice
Li, Tak-lai Theresa SH
Li, Yi On Yvonne PYNEH
Wong, Ho Shan Steven QEH
20 April 2013 Chu, Suk Yi PYNEH
Leung, Yin Yee UCH
Sze, Tak Suen Private Practice
Tsang, Ho Sze Kristie CMC
Wong, Sze Ming QEH
Yap, Jacqueline Claire Chooi Mae CMC
30 November 2013 Chan, On Yi TKOH
Chu, Ka Lai UCH
Lam, Cheung Kwan Brian Private Practice
Lam, Kit Ying AHMLNH/NDH
Lee, Tsun Woon Private Practice
Leung, Wing Yan PMH
Li, Luk Sing Private Practice
Li, Tze Yan PWH
Njo, Kui Hung Anthony UCH
Tam, Lee Ka Private Practice