Membership and Subscriptions

Criteria for membership registration:

  • Registrable Medical Practitioners who are working in or undergoing training in anaesthesia or intensive care may be considered for membership in accordance with the Bye-laws.
  • All candidates for membership shall provide the original or a notarised copy of either their primary medical qualification or a valid licensing/practising certificate at the time of application.
  • All candidates for Fellowship, save Honorary Fellowship, must first become Members of the College.

Candidates entering vocational training of the College shall first be admitted as Members and submit both registration forms to the College at the time of application. For enquiries, please email the College.

Overseas Fellow875
Overseas Member438
Honorary Fellow0
Senior / Retired Member/Fellow0

The annual subscription would be waived for fellows and members aged over 65 or for those who have declared retirement (irrespective of age). The waiving of subscription will start in the following financial year after the fellow/member had attained aged 65 or over or after the retirement application received by the College secretariat. To declare retirement, a written declaration from the applicants confirming that they had retired from all remunerative practice/job/business in or outside Hong Kong. Should you have any questions about the subscription, please email the College.

Fellows and members may apply to be transferred to the overseas list by giving notice in writing to the College of their intention to be absent from Hong Kong for a period in excess of a full calendar year (1 January – 31 December). An overseas correspondence must be supplied.  Transfer to the overseas list shall become effective on 1 January in the following year. Fellows or members on the overseas list who returns to Hong Kong for a period or periods totalling 60 days or more in any one calendar year shall pay the full annual subscription for that year.  For applications and enquiries, please email the College.