About us

Formerly the Board of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care as set up by the Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong in 1984; the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists was founded in September 1989 and became one of the founding Colleges of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine in 1992. Our College is responsible for the training and certification of specialist anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong; and also the inspection and accreditation of the training units for anaesthesiology in Hong Kong. The College is also responsible for the professional examination in anaesthesiology, the Intermediate and Final Examination. The standard of the professional examination is well maintained and representatives from international colleges of anaesthesiology were invited as the external examiners since 1994. Trainees who have satisfactory accomplished the training requirement set out by Board of Education, and passed the professional examinations as well as the Exit Assessment, will be awarded the Fellowship of the College (FHKCA). Holders of FHKCA will be nominated to the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, and if the Academy rules and regulations are fulfilled, Fellowship of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, FHKAM (Anaesthesiology) will be awarded and the holders will be eligible for registration with the Specialist Register of the Hong Kong Medical Council.

Apart from the training programme in anaesthesiology, our College is also responsible for the Fellowship training in Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Medicine. Trainees who have satisfactory accomplished the training requirements, will be awarded the Fellowship in Intensive Care, FHKCA (Intensive Care) and Fellowship in Pain Medicine respectively.

Our College is committed to serve the people of Hong Kong and the standard of specialist anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong is maintained with Continuing Medication Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme organized by the College. Annual Scientific Meeting in anaesthesiology has been organized each year since 1996 which provides a venue for the invited speakers from overseas and Mainland China to share their experience with our local fellows. With the advancement of technology, the Institute of Clinical Simulation has been set up since 2001 to meet the increasing demand from our fellows and other health care professionals to acquire those new technology and skills.

香港麻醉科醫學院於1989年成立。本學院負責提供香港麻醉科專科醫生之培訓及資格檢定。自1994 年起,本學院為本地之醫生提供麻醉醫學之專科考試,每次考試均邀請國際麻醉科醫學院參與主考,以保持考試之國際水平。受訓之醫生經過六年之臨床培訓及考試合格後,便可獲授本醫學院院士之資格及獲提名到香港醫學專科學院以取得其院士之資格。而香港醫學專科學院之院士亦可到香港醫務委員會申請註册成為專科醫生。

除麻醉科外,本學院亦提供危重病學院院士及疼痛醫學院士之培訓課程。成立以來,本學院皆致力提高及維持本地麻醉科專科醫生之水平,並提供持續醫學教育。自1996年起,本學院更舉辦週年學術會議,並邀請本地、中國及海外專家,交流最新之麻醉醫學知識及科技。除此以外,Institute of Clinical Simulation亦於2001年在新界粉嶺北區醫院成立,給予本學院院士及其他醫療人員作為摸擬之臨床訓練。