Training in Intensive Care

In-training assessment (ITA) of trainees in anaesthesiology is an essential part of the trainees’ education and development. ITA is a formative assessment and will complement other methods of evaluation, such as examination. ITA will focus on trainees’ professional competent practice on three domains: clinical skills, attitudes and behaviour.


  • Assess and assist with the trainees’ progress towards appropriate professional competence
  • Provide regular feedbacks to trainees
  • Develop any remedial activities for the trainee that may be required

Process and Methods of Assessment

The ITA will be undertaken by the College designated specialist trainers and the College Supervisor of Training in at least 6 monthly during the period of clinical training (or shorter if there is a change in hospital rotation). There are 2 ITA forms designed for specialist trainers and SOTs:

ITA Form for Trainers

  • To be completed by two or more specialists trainers, and/or
  • To be completed in a formal consensus senior staff meeting of the department
  • The form must be kept by the College SOT

ITA Form for SOTs

  • To be completed by Collge SOT with information from ‘ITA Form for Trainers’
  • ITA is a joint process of evaluation and goal setting by the Trainee and the SOT
  • Trainee and the College SOT must sign this form after the trainee has had the opportunity to add comments
  • The trainee, College SOT and the College must keep a copy of the signed completed ‘ITA Form for SOTs’

Both ITA forms are required to document and sign that the assessments have been completed in good faith.

Unsatisfactory ITA

Trainees are required to have completed ITA satisfactory before allowed to attempt the final fellowship examination or Exit Assessment. Hence, trainees who experience difficulty are encouraged to discuss with the College SOT so that remedial strategies can be established. Examples of remedial strategies include:

  • Feedback, advice and counseling of the trainee for any problem identified
  • Mentor appointment for further progress the trainee
  • Remedial further period of training

Trainees with an unsatisfactory individual ITA must be monitored and reassessed at a later stage; and formal documentation of the ITA and remedial strategies are required. The Board of Education shall be notified for any trainee whose performance is consistently below acceptable level (two or more unsatisfactory ITAs) and a number of actions may be considered included but not limit to:

  • Exclude from sitting the fellowship examination and/or Exit Assessment
  • Recommend further period of training
  • Leave or interrupt training
  • Out of training
  • Advice for career change

Trainee with unsatisfactory ITA who has any dispute of the ITA can appeal to the College or the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.

In Training Assessment Form (The form should be signed by the SOT of the training hospital during the training period)

Administrative Instructions for submission of In-Training Assessments (ITAs)

Enquiry: Email to Chairman of Board of Intensive Care Medicine