HKCA Bulletin – TUOHY
Editor-in-chief : Dr Timmy Chan

Volume 29 Number 4

ASM and Congregation The Organising Committee of ASM, SAHK and HKCA have made a difficult decision to cancel the ASM and the Congregation. The Chair of OC is negotiating with…

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Volume 29 Number 3

Meetings with International Colleges In accordance with the HKCA bye-laws, an election to the College Council was conducted earlier and the results of the election were sent to HKCA fellows…

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Volume 29 Number 2

Meetings with International Colleges The College has maintained strong external relationships with the international colleges since the Memoranda of Understanding were established with Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists…

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Volume 29 Number 1

Annual Subscription Debit notes for the 2019 subscriptions have been sent to Fellows and Members. Please settle your subscription as soon as possible. The subscription fees for 2019 are: Local…

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