Volume 32 Number 3

Volume 32 Number 3


ASM 2022 Registration Fee

The council of The Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists (HKCA), and The Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong (SAHK) recognise the disruptions to physical activity and mental health caused by the 5th wave of the pandemic in unprecedented ways. To support our fellows and trainees in these unsettled and turbulent times., the council of HKCA, and SAHK decided to sponsor the ASM 2022 registration fee for all HKCA fellows and members.

The ASM 2022 will be held on 19th – 20th November 2022 in hybrid format, and the Congregation will be held on 19th November 20202. Further details will be announced soon, so stay tuned. 



The hybrid AGM was held on 16th August 2022. The nomination of Professor Davy Cheng as honorary fellow was approved by the fellows present unanimously. The President presented the report of the Council and the Honorary Treasurer presented the report of the auditor. The subscription fees for 2023 remain unchanged.


WBA for Joint Syllabus for Intensive Care Medicine

In order to cope with the implementation of Joint Syllabus for Intensive Care Medicine which has been made effective since 1st July 2022, an electronic portfolio system namely ICMEPS was set up to serve as a platform to facilitate documentation of Workplace-based Assessment (WBA) of this Joint Syllabus.  WBA is a formative assessment which facilitates trainees to learn through reflections and feedback.  Although we make it a mandatory requirement for ICM trainees who proceed to higher training on or after 1st July 2022 to complete a certain minimum number of WBAs satisfactorily for exit, all trainees are encouraged to engage themselves in as many WBAs as possible and to utilise this ICMEPS platform to record their own performance on real workplace environment.  This enables trainees to review their learning progress during different stage of training.

Demonstration video on how to use the ICMEPS and Guidelines on Workplace-based Assessment of the Joint Syllabus can be found here.


Young Fellows Committee

The inaugural meeting of the Young Fellows Committee (YFC) of our college was held on 13th July 2022.

The members of the YFC are:

Chairperson: Vivian Lau (PWH)

Vice-Chairperson: Patrick Wong (QMH)


Manson Chan (QMH)

Tom Chan (KWH)

Anna Fung (PWH)

Janet Hui (TKOH)

Aaron Lee (UCH)

Wesley Leung (Private Practice)

Michelle Pun (TMH)

Stephen Wu (PYNEH)

Timothy Yang (QEH)

Rebecca Yim (HKCH)

The YFC is committed to promoting the wellbeing, development, and camaraderie amongst fellows. Through our future activities, we aim to be the ideal platform for young fellows to connect, serve and excel!


WBA Train-the-Trainer Workshop

The College is so pleased to be able to organise the face to face WBA Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Workshop on 30th July 2022 at ILCM in the midst of this pandemic.  Huge thanks to the instructors’ time and effort, and trainers’ and trainees’ participation.  Without all these collective efforts, it would not have been a fruitful one.


Intensive Care Workplace-based Assessment Trainer Course

To align with the Joint Syllabus in ICM and foster a culture of WBA in clinical teaching, Board of Intensive Care Medicine (ICM), Board of Critical Care Medicine (CCM) of the Hong Kong College of Physicians and Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine have been running WBA workshops to provide trainers with skills to teach and give feedback, and to familiarize with different types of WBA.   

From July 2021 to June 2022, four WBA workshops have been conducted at HKJC Innovative Learning Centre for Medicine (HKJCILCM) and around 65% IC Fellows have been trained.  However, in view of the surge of COVID-19 cases and the severe shortage of workforce in public hospitals, the workshops scheduled in September and December 2022 will be postponed to year 2023.


Endowed Professorship

Professor Chi-wai Cheung, the Immediate Past President of the HKCA, has been conferred the Peter Hung Professorship in Pain Research.  Congratulations to Professor Cheung.


Thank you note From Dr Jean Allison’s sister

Dr Jean Allison passed away on Sunday 29th May 2022 at the age of 94. Dr Allison was one of the founding fellows of the HKCA, and was the President of The Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong during 1983 to 1987. Words cannot express our gratitude for all she has contributed to the anaesthetic community in Hong Kong. Without the cornerstone that was set by Dr Allison and other founding fellows, the College and the Society could not have been being such a strong organisation and society.  She will be always in our hearts.

To express our gratitude to Dr Allison, the College sent a flower wreath to her funeral, which was held on 6th June 2022 in Melbourne. Subsequently, Dr Allison’s sister sent a thank-you note to the College which can be found here.


IACA “Opioid Regulation:  An International Perspective” webinar


The International Academy of Colleges of Anaesthesiologists (IACA) will host its next webinar on 28th September 2022 focusing on opioid regulation. The 90-minute webinar will feature two 20-minute talks, a panel discussion and Q&A session. Professor Chi-wai Cheung will be one of the keynote speakers and Dr Timmy Chan will be the Chair of the webinar. Further details will be announced soon. Stay tuned!