Volume 29 Number 4

Volume 29 Number 4

ASM and Congregation

The Organising Committee of ASM, SAHK and HKCA have made a difficult decision to cancel the ASM and the Congregation. The Chair of OC is negotiating with the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on the venue and it is hoped that the ASM and the Congregation could be held by June 2020. We will keep you posted. The College would also like to express the College’s gratitude to Dr Vivian Lau, the Chair of OC and the members of the OC for their hard work and contributions, in particular in this unprecedented situation.

The College understands that some fellows have difficulty in fulfilling the CME requirement by the end of the current CME cycle. The College has written to the Education Committee of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine to address our fellows’ difficulty and to explore options to assist our fellows under such exceptional circumstances. We shall keep our fellows updated.

President of ANZCA and Dean of FPM ANZCA

Dr Rodney Mitchell, the President of ANZCA, and Dr Meredith Craigie, the Dean of FPM ANZCA continued their trip to Hong Kong despite the cancellation of ASM and Congregation. A meeting was held with Dr Mitchell and Dr Craigie to discuss various ways to strengthen the relationship between the two Colleges. ANZCA hopes to engage Hong Kong FANZCA fellows by having them on their Committee and Workgroup. Both Colleges are working together on measures that will facilitate HKCA fellows to achieve the fellowship of ANZCA.

Dr Mitchell and Dr Craigie also visited Prince of Wales Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They had chats with some fellows and trainees regarding their views on getting the fellowship of ANZCA by working in Australia and New Zealand for one year.

Spring Meeting in Pain Medicine

Prof CW Cheung, the President of HKCA, Dr Steven Wong, Chair of Board of Pain Medicine and Ms Kristy Cheung, the CEO of HKCA signed the agreement of co-organsing “The 2020 Combined Spring Meeting (CSM) of the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) ANZCA and HKCA” with Dr Meredith Craigie, the Dean of FPM and Mr Nigel Fidgeon, the newly appointed CEO of ANZCA, on 19 October 2019 at Byron Bay during the Spring Meeting. The 2020 CSM is the first conjoint meeting in pain medicine with the FPM ANZCA. The meeting was initially planned to be organised in Hong Kong, however, the meeting will be relocated to Queenstown New Zealand due to the recent unrest. The details of the meeting will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Recruitment of Enthusiastic Fellows

Enthusiastic fellows are now being called to help with College’s affairs. We do understand the out-of-hours effort might become stress in your already-busy lives, but we do hope the volunteer work for the College would bring you satisfying and rewarding experience in addition to your clinical work. Fellows who are interested in joining the Boards or Committees of the College, please contact Ms Kristy Cheung at kristy@hkca.edu.hk.


The certificates of the following fellows have not been collected yet. To collect your certificate, please go to the College’s Office during office hour.

Li Ho Yin Adrian

Mak Ho Kwong Peter