HKCA CME program and ANZCA mandatory CPD program

ANZCA has introduced its mandatory CPD program since 2009. We have been informed by ANZCA that HKCA CME program is recognized by ANZCA to be equivalent to their mandatory CPD program.
However, ANZCA fellows in Hong Kong who participated in HKCA CME program are required to inform the ANZCA by e-mail or mail so that it will be noted on their ANZCA CPD program database.

Should you have any enquiries, please visit their website www.anzca.edu.au or contact them at cpd@anzca.edu.au

March 2009

July 2020

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Regular CME Activities in Hong Kong (Updated July 2019)

Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole HospitalTuesday17:00 – 18:30Conference Room, Operating Theatre, 2/F, NDH & Operating Theatre, 3/F, Block C, AHNH (broadcast via video conferencingNot required
Caritas Medical CentreFriday07:00 – 08:00Operating Theatre, Conference Rm ,6/F34087844
Hong Kong Children’s HospitalMonday and Wednesday16:30 – 17:30Anaes Conference Room, 4/F, Tower A, Hong Kong Children’s Hospital3513 3751
Kwong Wah HospitalAlternate Tuesday12:00 – 13:30Rm CS5-04, Anaesthesia Office
North District HospitalTuesday17:00 – 18:30Conference Room, Operating Theatre, 2/F, NDH & Operating Theatre, 3/F, Block C, AHNH (broadcast via video conferencingNot required
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern HospitalTuesday07:30 – 08:30Main Block, 2/F, Rm 412595 7143
Prince of Wales HospitalThursday17:30 – 18:30Dept. of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Seminar Room, 4/F, Main Clinical Block and Trauma Centre3505 3984
Princess Margaret HospitalFriday17:00 – 18:30Anaesthesia DeptNot required
Queen Elizabeth HospitalTuesday17:00 – 18:301) Seminar Room, G/F, Block A or
2) Conference Rm, 1/F, Block D
3506 6176QA Meeting, Staff Meeting & Senior Staff Meeting for department staff only
Queen Mary Hospitalplease check latest schedule here17:00 – 18:00Seminar Rm, Dept of Anaesthesiology22553637 /22555791
Queen Mary Hospital, Dept of Cardiothoracic AnaesthesiaThursday08:00 – 09:00F5-16 DCA common room, 5/F, F Block, Queen Mary Hospital
The Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital
Tuen Mun HospitalThursday17:00 – 19:00T9 Conference Room, 9/F Main Block, Tuen Mun Hospital (with video conference in OT Conference Room, 2/F, POH)2468 5400
Tuen Mun Hospital (with video conferencing from Pok Oi Hospital)First Wednesday of the month, every 2 months. 2 of the sessions will be combined with TMH Anaesthesia CME17:00 – 18:00TMH OT 3/F libraryNot required
Tung Wah HospitalTuesday12:00-13:00C2 Operating Theatre, Tung Wah Hospital
United Christian HospitalWednesday17:00 – 18:30Meeting Room at Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit, 1/F, Block S, United Christian Hospital3949 4245

Hong Kong College of AnaesthesiologistsLocal CME activities (Updated Jul 2011)


Council approved the following CME guidelines for fellows residing overseas. Overseas fellows can fulfill CME requirements by either:

  1. joining the CME programme of an overseas College/ Organization accredited by our College. The CME points are accredited with an equivalent fraction of CME points to the Hong Kong College. For instance, if an overseas College requires a minimum of 500 points a year and a fellow has accumulated 100 points under that system, then one fifth of the HKCA annual CME points, i.e. six points, will be awarded. Or
  2. participating in any College approved overseas Postgraduate Meetings, or self-study programme.

The above guidelines will be effective from 1st January,1998.

Enquiry: Email to CME/CPD Officer

Scientific Meetings organsied by reputatable organizations overseas which have a good track record of organising quality scientific meetings are pre-approved. The current list of overseas pre-approved meetings includes:

  1. American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting (ASA)
  2. American Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting
  3. American Society of Regional Anesthesia Annual Meeting (ASRA)
  4. ASEAN Congress in Anaesthesiology
  5. Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Annual Scientific Meeting (AAGBI)
  6. Australasian Symposium on Ultrasound and Regional Anaesthesia (ASA ASURA)
  7. Australian & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Annual Scientific Meeting (ANAZCA ASM)
  8. Australian & New Zealand Intensive Care Society Annual Scientific Meeting (ANZICS)
  9. Australian Pain Society Scientific Meeting (APS ASM)
  10. Australian Society of Anaesthetists National Scientific Congress (ASA NSC)
  11. Canadian Anaesthetists’ Society Annual Meeting (CAS Annual Meeting)
  12. European Society of Intensive Care Medicine Annual Congress (ESICM)
  13. Euopean Society for Paediatric Anaesthesiology Annual Congress (ESPA Congress)
  14. European Society of Anaesthesiologists Annual Congress (Euroanaesthesia)
  15. European Society of Regional Anaesthesia Annual Congress (Annual ESRA Congress)
  16. International Anesthesia Research Society Scientific Annual Meeting (IARS)
  17. New York Post-graduate Assembly in Anesthesiology
  18. Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association Annual Scientific Meeting (UK)
  19. Society of Ambulatory Anesthesia Annual Meeting (SAMBA)
  20. Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting & Workshops
  21. Society of Critical Care Medicine Annual Meeting (SCCM)
  22. Society of Neuroscience in Ansethesiology and Critical Care Annual Meeting (SNACC)
  23. Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Annual Meeting (SPA)
  24. Society of Obstetric anesthesia and Perinatology Annual Meeting (SOAP)
  25. South African Society of Anaesthesiologists Annual Meeting (SASA)
  26. World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA)
  27. World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine Congress (WFSICCM)
  28. World Congress of Paediatric Intensive and Critical Care (PICC)
  29. World Congress on Pain (IASP)
  30. Royal College of Anaesthetists (Anaesthesia)

The formal satellite meetings accompanying in the different World Congresses listed above will be pre-approved as well.

Fellows shall submit their attendance certificate or any proof of attendance to obtain CME points. The number of CME points will be accredited according to the actual duration of the lecture and the HKCA CME/CPD Programme (http://www.hkca.edu.hk/ANS/CME/CMEprog.htm).  


All publications indexed by Index Medicus or included in Medicine will be accepted as pre-approved. All other publications must receive approval from the CME sub-committee before scientific papers published in them are accepted for CME accreditation.

Examples of pre-approved indexed journals include

Anaesthesia/Intensive Care/Pain Medicine:

  1. Acta Anaesth. Scand.
  2. Anaesth. Intens. Care
  3. Anaesthesia
  4. Anaesthetist
  5. Anast. Intesivmed
  6. Anesth. Analg.
  7. Anesthesiology
  8. Ann. Fr. Anesth.
  9. Brit. J. Anaesth.
  10. Can. J. Anaesth.
  11. Critical Care Medicine
  12. Eur. J. Anaesth
  13. Int. Anesthesiol. Clin.
  14. Pain
  15. J American Pain Society
  16. Neurosurg. Anesth.
  17. J of Pain and Symptom Management
  18. Region Anesth Pain Med.


  1. British Medical Journal
  2. Hong Kong Medical Journal
  3. JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association
  4. Lancet
  5. New England Journal of Medicine

List of Approved Self-study Programmes as at 1 July 1996 and their addresses

  1. Home Evaluation Learning Programme (HELP) produced by the Continuing Education Committee of Anaesthetists of New Zealand (CECANZ)
    CME points 3 per completed issue (booklet)
    Room 81-82, Islington Building, Auckland Hospital
    PO Box 99-740, Auckland, New Zealand


  2. Audio-Digest, produced by the Audio-Digest Foundation, California, USA.
    CME points 2 per completed issue (tape)
    Audio-Digest Federation
    1577 E. Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale
    California 91206, USA


  3. Current Reviews in Clinical Anesthesia produced by Current Reviews, Florida, USA.
    CME points 2 per completed issue.
    Current Reviews

    Frank Moya Continuing Education Programs, LLC
    1828 SE First Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 USA
    Phone: (954) 763-8003 Fax: (954) 762-9111
    Email: info@currentreviews.com