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August 2017

HKCA Council 2017 - 2019

In accordance with the HKCA bye-laws, an election to the College Council was conducted earlier and the results of the election were sent to HKCA fellows and members together with the AGM notice. The HKCA Council extended a very hearty vote of thanks to all retired members of the Council – Dr Koo Chi Hung, Dr Tsui Siu Lun and Dr Wong Man Kin Henry.

President Associate Prof CHEUNG Chi Wai
1st Vice President Dr SO Hing Yu
2nd Vice President Prof LUI Cho-ze Joseph
Honorary Secretary Dr CHAN Simon Kin Cheong
Honorary Treasurer Dr LEUNG Kit Hung Anne
Assistant Secretary Dr CHAN Chi Wing Timmy
Assistant Treasurer Dr LAW Cheuk Wah Bassanio
Immediate Past President Dr LIU Tak-chiu John
Council Members Dr CHEE Yee Eot
  Dr CHEUNG Chuen Ho Victor
  Dr CHOW Yu Fat
  Dr CHUI Po-tong
  Prof Michael IRWIN
  Dr John LOW
  Dr NG Siu Keung
  Dr WONG Ho Shan Steven


Annual General Meeting

TThe 28th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Tuesday 15th August 2017 at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Building. During the meeting, the report of the Council, the Honorary Treasurer’s report, the audited accounts, as well as the appointment of the auditors were endorsed.



In attendance at HKCA Council Meetings

The Council hopes to increase the transparency in the Council, HKCA fellows and members may be in attendance at HKCA council meetings with prior application and they will not participate in the discussion of the council meeting. The quota is five for each meeting and the details will be announced soon.



Chinese Version of Guidelines for Safe Sedation for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

The guidelines for safe sedation for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures has been revised and translated to Chinese for public interest. The guidelines can be found here.



Revised Vocational Training Guide for Training in Intensive Care Medicine

The Board of Intensive Care has reviewed the Vocational Training Guide (VTG) for Intensive Care Medicine. The new VTG can be found here and is effective from 1 July 2017.

Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaesthesiology 2017
In conjunction with 12th ASCA Scientific Meeting, Masterclass & Workshops
(17 – 19 November 2017, Hong Kong)

Let's go Beyond the Theatre. This year, the HKCA and SAHK will collaborate with the Asian Society of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia (ASCA) to bring forth this world class meeting to discuss the most heated topics in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. The theme this year is "Beyond the Theatre" and we’ll be looking at the heated issues arising in perioperative period. With a specific focus in perioperative geriatric care, enhanced recovery and sedation, blood management and other cardiopulmonary management updates for everyone, we wish to bring you a diverse platform for experience sharing. There are limited quotas for our masterclasses, hands-on ultrasound workshops and problem-based learning sessions. There are also dedicated sessions for HKCA new curriculum, medical-legal forum and adventures in anaesthesia that tackle problems in difficult situation i.e. without oxygen and electricity.

Don’t forget the ASM Congregation Dinner. Our theme is “Art and Anaesthesia”, we will have vocal group showcase by our college fellows and residents. A photography competition will be held with photo exhibition. Stay tuned.

For more information, please visit the meeting website http://www.anaesthesiology.hk.



In-Training Assessments (ITA) and Training Experience

Referring to the Vocational Training Guide 1.22 "...All trainees should have completed ITA satisfactorily before being allowed to attempt the final fellowship examination or exit assessment. ...", the College would like to remind both SOTs and trainees that ITA and training experience should be completed on E-portfolio every SIX months or at the end of the hospital rotation if the rotation is less than six months. For details, please click here.




Updates on new HKCA Curriculum

The new HKCA curriculum is underway and it was decided to include pain medicine training module and peri-operative focused echo in the new curriculum. Two 2-day train-the-trainer workshops are confirmed to be held on 13-14 October and 15-16 October 2017. The details will be announced soon.




Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament

The College offers the congratulations to the basketball team of the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists who won the second runner-up of the Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament on 29 July 2017. For more photos, please go to the College’s website - Members’ Area.




RCHK - Sports Expo 2017 (12 Aug 2017)

Resuscitation Council of Hong Kong was granted a complimentary booth in the Sports Expo 2017 on 11-13 Aug 2017 at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) to demonstrate CPR and AED in order to increase the public awareness of its importance. Being an institutional member of RCHK, HKCA was assigned a timeslot on 12 August 2017 to manage this booth. With thanks to Dr YF Chow, Dr Henry Wong, Dr Anna Fung, Dr Wilson Woo, Dr Katy Li, Dr Wendy Leung and Dr Vienna Li, HKCA could be a part of it and help in this meaningful event.



New administrative charge for underpaid mails

The College has received a number of notification cards for paying surcharge and collection of underpaid mails from the Hongkong Post. These underpaid mails are required to be collected at a designated post office. To avoid any mail delay, the College would like to remind the fellows and members that the mail items should bear sufficient postage by weight and should have the return address. At the same time, the Council has decided to impose an administrative charge of $100 for collecting the underpaid mails in order to cover the travel expenses, labour cost and the deficient postage amount.




In memory of Dr J-P van Besouw

The College regretfully informs the Fellows and Members of the passing of Dr J-P van Besouw, the immediate past President of Royal College of Anaesthetists. Dr van Besouw’s influene was not just within UK. He was instrumental in helping our College to work more closely with RCoA and visionary in many ways. He helped the College to organise a scientific meeting with RCoA in 2014 for our 25th Anniversary and we have very fond memories of this time and his presence. The College wishes his family our best wishes at this difficult time.




Annual Scientific Meeting 2017 by the Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine (HKSCCM)

The Annual Scientific Meeting 2017 organized by the Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine (HKSCCM) will be held on 26 November 2017 (Sun) at Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hotel. Highlighted events include:
• Plenary lectures and lunch symposium on perioperative haemodynamic monitoring, surgical complications in ECMO, and nutritional support in critically ill patients by renowned overseas speakers; that on medicolegal issues in critically ill settings by representative from the Medical Protection Society;
• Seminars on organ transplant, advances in cardiothoracic surgery, and surgical catastrophes and complications by local experts;
• SimWARS; and
• ICU research/free paper presentation.
Registration is free of charge. Do save the date and the details will be announced soon at http://www.hksccm.org/.




Anaesthetists' Perspectives on Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA): Hong Kong Survey

This survey is intended for anaesthetic consultants and Fellows currently practising anaesthesia and perioperative medicine. Propofol TIVA is the main alternative to inhalational anaesthesia for general anaesthesia. Studies have shown benefits of using either propofol TIVA or inhalational anaesthesia in certain circumstances. This involves a simple online survey comprising 17 questions (some multipart), expected to take up to 12 minutes to complete. For details, please click here.




NTEC Simulation and Training Centre

The NTEC Simulation and Training Centre courses scheduled for 2017 can be found here.



The certificates of the following fellows have not been collected yet. To collect your certificate, please go to the College's Office during office hour.

Chan, Shing Chau, Ng Nga Lai Alice, Li Ho Yin Adrian

Mak Ho Kwong Peter



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