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November 2012

Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaesthesiology 2012, Jointly Organized by HKCA and SAHK

The Annual Scientific Meeting jointly organized by the HKCA and the Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong will be held on 23 – 25 November 2012 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The latest programme can be downloaded here.

Meeting with Chinese Society of Anesthesiologists (CSA)
The HKCA delegation was sent to have meeting with the representatives of CSA in Chongqing, China as well as attending the Annual Meeting organized by CSA on 31 August - 1 September 2012. Further collaboration on training and examination was explored in the meeting

Workshop on “Dental Management for Special Needs Patients”
The HKCA was invited by The Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association to co-organize the workshop for the dentists in view of the increasing number of special needs patients. The College would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr John Low and Dr Chi-Hung Koo for their help and contribution to the workshop.



Exit Assessment Dates for 2013

The College has announced the dates for Exit Assessment in 2013 and they will be held on the following dates.

- 3 January 2013 (Thu)
- 5 April 2013 (Fri)
- 4 July 2013 (Thu)
- 3 October 2013 (Thu)
Trainees who wish to sit for the exit assessment, please submit the fellowship application form with the relevant documents to the Chief Censor at least 21 days in advance with the project approval before the exit assessment. The applicants will NOT be invited for presentation at the Exit Assessment if pre-requisites are not met 21 days before scheduled Exit Assessment and thus will not be eligible for the very immediate Exit Assessment. It is the responsibility of the trainees and SOTs to ensure that the trainees meet all the required pre-requisites or else they will not get invited to the Exit. Trainees should ensure, together with the co-operation of the SOT to solicit the appropriate case mix and caseloads well in advance as per training requirements.



HKCA Formal Project
The Project Officers of the College would like to inform supervisors of training and the trainees that a reasonable amount of time is required during the process of reviewing a project submission. In general, it takes two months to review the formal project and additional time is further required if revisions are necessary. It is recommended that trainees should plan ahead especially for those who wish to sit for the upcoming exit assessment.

The documentation required to be submitted by ANZCA trainee for recognition as an ANZCA Formal projects are as follows:
FPA – when trainee applies for the formal project, to be sent in with study protocol.
FPB – to be submitted together with the study manuscript when the research has finished.
The ANZCA projects will not be processed for approval until the FPB forms are submitted. No reminders will be sent to individual trainees to submit the FPM forms. Trainees should take the responsibility of submitting the forms as required by ANZCA College or inform the FPO (via HKCA Administrators) if they have withdrawn from the ANZCA training.


HKCA Examination Dates for 2013
The College has announced the dates for the Intermediate and Final Fellowship Examinations in Anaesthesiology in 2013. Please click here for the details.

4th NWAC World Anesthesia Convention (www.nwac.org)

4th NWAC World Anesthesia Convention will gather over 2000 scientists, clinicians and industry professionals specializing in anesthesiology and related fields. 4th NWAC World Anesthesia Convention offers a advanced scientific programme with a leading international faculty. This anesthesiology convention provides opportunities for refresher courses, workshops, parallel sessions, mini sessions, problem based learning discussions and unique humanities sessions within the scientific program schedule.



International Symposium on Spine and Paravertebral Sonography for Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine 2013 (ISSPS2013)

ICS Courses

Date Event Application form
17 November 2012 Advanced and Difficult Airway Management Workshop for Nurses ADAM-N
17 November 2012 Management of Anaesthetic Critical Events MACE
1 December 2012 Team-based Simulation Patient Safety Course TSPS
8 December 2012 Enhancing Safety in Sedation Workshop for HA Staff ESS
29 December 2012 Advanced Difficult Airway Management Workshop for Doctors - PosterProgram ADAM-D
5 January 2013 Enhancing Safety in Sedation Workshop for HA Staff ESS

For more courses available in ICS, Please click here for details or please contact ICS Manager at 2683-8307.  


The certificates of the fellows below have not been collected yet. To collect your certificate, please go to the College's Office during office hour.

Cheung Yee Nin Vivian; Kwok Keen Man; Li Ho Yin Adrian; Ng Nga Lai Alice; Wong Kwong Sun

Gomersall Charles David; Kwok Keen Man, Yip Kim Ho

Chu Suk Yi Annie; Mak Ho Kwong Peter


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