Chairman Dr SO Hing Yu
Deputy Chairman Dr CHOW Yu Fat
Members Dr CHAN Choi Hung Stanley
Dr CHOY Chung Ming Eric
Dr CHAN Yau Wai
Dr CHEE Yee-eot
Dr CHOI Yuk Sang Gordon
Dr KONG Kau Fun Vincent
Dr KOO Chi Hung
Dr KWAN Wai Man Gladys
Dr KWOK Wing Hong
Dr LING Leong Chow
Dr WONG Tin Chun Gordon
Dr YUEN Man Kwong

Terms of Reference of Echocardiography Committee


Curriculum on Echocardiography

A newly established curriculum on Echocardiography submitted by echocardiography committee was approved by the Council on 11 August 2014.


Echocardiography Preceptorship

Two echocardiography preceptorship courses were conducted successfully in December 2013 and March 2014. The course is a 6 half-day course jointly organized with echo laboratory at Ruttonjee Hospital. The feedbacks from the 6 participants was very positive (evaluation report).
In year 2015-2016, two echocardiography preceptorship courses (one on basic level while the other on advanced level) will be conducted. The basic one is now arranged to be run in the afternoon of 6 consecutive Mondays starting from 1 February 2016 at Ruttonjee Hospital. The details of the programme and application form are listed below. The advanced one will be held at a later stage of the year 2016.
Application Form [Deadline for application: 31 Dec 2015]


Echocardiography Workshop

Two echo workshops have been scheduled to be held on 12 July 2014 and 10 January 2015. Within a very short period of time after promulgation, the workshops have already been full. The College will keep organizing similar events in the coming years.


E-survey on echocardiography

The Committee has performed a survey in mid year of 2013 in order to provide the College an anaesthesiological perspective of employing echocardiography in our daily practice. We had received feedbacks from over one hundred fellows and members and they were very positive in supporting the organisation of echo workshops and clinical attachments by the College. (survey summary)